Efiubò: Can I convert my permission for humanitarian protection?

In this eighth appointment with Efiubò, the legal radio programme, we continue to talk about work. With layer Caterina Bove.

Can I convert my humanitarian protection permit in a permit for residence or work? Should I do it? And if I lose my job, how can I convert again my working permit?

Yes, the permit for humanitarian protection can be converted into a residence permit or in a working one. Indeed, after a certain period of residence in Italy is appropriate to do this conversion, because the humanitarian protection can not be renewed forever. However, if you lose your job you can not convert your working permit into a permit for humanitarian reasons. What you can do is apply for a permit for pending employment (which has a maximum duration of one year), or convert your permission in a permit for family reasons or for elective residence (the latter is granted to those who have a retirement pension and proves to be able to live in Italy with this economic resource).

If I do not work I am entitled to subsidies from the state?

 The Fornero law, from 1 January 2013, established the Aspi, a social insurance for employment. The Aspi is a monthly allowance that is given only to those who have worked for more than 13 weeks and have lost their jobs involuntarily, then it is not for those who have resigned or who has terminated the employment relationship with a consensual resolution.

How do I know the minimum wage for the type of work I do?

In Italy there is a generic law that sets a minimum wage, but for many categories of work there are the so-called collective agreements. These agreements are contracts between trade unions and employers. For more information and explanations we recommend contacting a union.

What can I do to sell goods in the street? Who can help me to achieve the necessary licenses? If you do not have the license, the police can kidnap your goods?

Street trading is regulated by regional laws, so that the rules change according to the territory in which you reside. To get the necessary information in order to obtain the license you will need to ask to the municipality where you work. It ‘s very important that you get this license prior to start selling, because without it, in the case of checks, you might receive a high fine and your merchandise could be seized.

On the topic you are advised to consult the guide written by Meltingpot

If I have international protection and I get a license as a market mendor my residence permit will automatically be converted into a permit for working or it is better to keep my protection?

Absolutely not, the automatic conversion is never planned. The permit for international protection allows you to work, so even obtaining a license will not change your legal position.

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