Efiubò: Can I work in Europe?

This week in Efiubò keep on talking about work.  Caterine Bove will replay today to the question gathered by the staff.

Is it possible to work abroad with an “Italian” residence permit? And if not, is there any proposal from the legislative point of view to ensure this possibility in the future?

No, with the residence permit issued in Italy you have the right to circulate in the Schengen area for a maximum period of three months, but not to work. The only exception is for the EC permit holders – the long-term residents-. For them is possible to go in other countries in the Schengen area and to look for a job. If they find it within three months they can apply for a residence permit in the new country. Regarding the law proposals it’s important to remember that by May 20, all European Union countries must transpose the new European directive that allow all the beneficiaries of international protection to convert, at the end of the five years, their papers in a EC permit for long-term residents.

The employment office didn’t give me the possibility to fulfill the form for job research, although I have applied for asylum more than six months ago. The same problem happened to me with a person who directly offered me a job. What documents do I need to prove that I did request asylum more than six months ago and I have the possibility to look for a job?

Six months after the asylum application your residence permit should include the words “request for asylum and work,” if not you can fill a request for the permit renewal explicitly inserting the word “request for asylum and work”. If the permit does not contain such a statement, however, you can show to have passed the six months delay by using the C3 model. This is the form completed at the time of submission of the application and police should have given to you a copy.

The director of the hostel where I live told me that I have to leave the building because they have not accepted my request for asylum, even though I have filled an appeal. Did he properly behave? What can I do?

By law, the manager can send you away. But there are some situations where the reception center is obliged to keep on hosting you. If the delay of six month since you applied for the asylum has not expired yet, for example, or if you are in a health state that doesn’t allow you to work. If you are in one of these two conditions and the director of the center denies you the hospitality you should turn to an association that works for the protection of migrants rights.

I am an applicant for international protection. Many employers when they see the “attestato nominativo” or the “cedolino” (the temporary receipt issued by the Police waiting for a residence permit) they say they are not valid for work. Is it true? What can I do, in case, to prove they are wrong?

In the first six months after the request, the asylum seeker can not work. So definitely the first “cedolino” they give you is not valid, because it has a duration of three months. Neither is valid the “attestato nominativo”, which is released after a few days of the request for asylum and allow you to be hosted in a reception center. The only valid document to work as an asylum seeker is the one issued by the Police after six months of the application.

I do not have documents and I have illegally worked as a domestic in a home. One day there was a bad accident at home and I was wounded. My employers did not want to bring me to the hospital telling me that it was better for me since I had no documents. It ‘s true what they told me? If not what can I do against them?

Your employer did not behave properly. The right to health is a fundamental right for all, recognized by the Constitution. Go to the emergency room does not determine in any way the risk of be reported to the police. Nobody that works in a hospital can bring you to the authorities. Regarding your employers, you may sue them, but you risk being recognized as a person without documents. However, even if you worked in black you have the right to recover past contributions and to obtain a salary at least equal to that provided in the collective agreement for domestic workers.

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