Efiubò: when I can start working?

This week we received many questions about the work and the rights of migrants and asylum seekers. The lawyer Livio Neri will answer today.

I am an asylum seeker. When can I start working with that document?

Six months after you presented the request, if you have not received any answer yet, you can establish a working relationship. If you get a positive response you will have the same rights as an Italian worker, but if you receive a negative response you can appeal and continue to work regularly.

I’m waiting for the arrival of a friend, who will come with a plane at the airport of Rome Fiumicino. He wants to know if he can make an application for asylum directly at the airport.

Surely he can. The place where to apply for the asylum is not only the border. In fact you can also apply later at the police headquarters. But be careful not to spend too much time, because a petition
filed late and without a justifiable reason can be negatively evaluated by the Commission.

If I applied for sanatoria, I can also apply for asylum?

Yes, there is no rule prohibiting it,. In this case, however, you will need to explain to the Commission why you arrived in Italy to work but then later you decided to apply for protection.

I have lived for ten years in Italy. Can I apply for citizenship even if I do not speak Italian well?

For the acquisition of nationality aw requires ten years of legal stay in the Italian territory (five if you are a refugee). There is not any specific limit on the knowledge of the Italian language. We must remember however that the security law introduced the obligation for foreigners that want to maintain the residence permit to learn the Italian language (A2 level at least). If you do not reach this level, government could take this into account when evaluating the citizenship request and decide not to grant it. This rule does not apply to refugees and beneficiaries of international protection, that does not require the knowledge of the language.


Efiubò is a radio program that answers to the questions and concerns of migrants living in Italy. It will be released every two weeks from today, February 15.

If you also have any questions, please write to efiubo@gmail.com

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