Efiubò: If I got married in my home country, can I get married again in Italy?

If I got married in my home country, can I get married again in Italy?

No, if your first marriage is still valid you can not get married in Italy because polygamy is illegal and punishable as a crime. For our law is not even possible to make a family reunion in relation to polygamous marriages. If in your country of origin you’re married twice you will not be able to give both families the possibility to come.
Q. If I do not have the soggiorno papers can I get married?

The right to contract marriage is a fundamental right of every person, even if you do not have a residence permit. In order to get married is required to have a passport and a certificate of “no impediment to marriage” issued by your country of origin. This document certifie that you are not already married. Nobody can ask your residence permit, but only your passport.

Q. If I get married, I get the documents to regularly stay in Italy?

you can legalize your position to stay only in case of marriage with an Italian citizen or a citizen of any other European Union country. The regularization is not the case of marriage with non-EU citizens. In some cases, if the couple has already children, it is possible to ask for special permission from the court for minors allowing them to stay in Italy.

Q Italian Citizenship gives me the same rights of Italian people?

Yes. According to our Constitution, all citizens are equal before the law.

Q. If I have Italian citizenship I can give it to my children?

If your children are minor and live with, they will acquire Italian citizenship. Once reached legal age they can give up if they have another citizenship.

Q. If I applied for political asylum in Italy and I’m waiting for an answer, can I go to study in France?

No, you can not. Only when you’ll get the Italian residence permit you can leave, but even in that case the maximum period of stay in France will be three months, during which you can not work.



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