Efiubò: Is it possible to convert in Italy my diploma?

This week we received numerous questions concerning the school and the right to study. Other questions relate to the difficulty to deal with the Questura in order to obtain documents. Answers are given by the lawyer Loredana Leo, member of the ASGI. This article is also available in French and in Italian.

Is it possible to convert in Italy a diploma obtained in my country of origin?
Yes it is possible and it is not about conversion but about “recognition” of the title. It is a long and complex process, which varies depending on the title you want to recognize and the residence permit you currently hold.

There are financial aid for university?
Some universities provide grants and subsidies, but be careful, because in some cases these scholarships are not open to people who do not have Italian citizenship.

My Italian school is very far from the place where I live. Is there any possibility of a grant for the cost of transportation?

There is no uniformity throughout the country. Some municipalities provide facilities, but others do not.

I have been victim of discrimination by a policeman. What can I do?

You can ask to identify the cop. If the cop does not want to give his name you can ask to speak to a senior officer or you can contact a lawyer.

To the police station they sent me back away because I can not speak Italian, what can I do?

When you submit an application for asylum, when you wait for an expulsion notification, and in other cases, the police is obliged to provide a translator. You have the right to ask for it and they must give it to you.

What can I do if the police does not respect the delay for the issuance / renewal of a residence permit that?

I advise you to wait a little longer than the term that is required by law for the issuance or renewal of a residence permit, but if this time is prolonged excessively you should contact an attorney who can proceed judicially to unlock the situation.

My daughter and I are in possession of dual citizenship (Italian and Peruvian). If we go back to Peru would we lose the Italian citizenship? And what will happen to the contributions I paid in Italy?

Citizenship is a vested right, so is not possible to lose, even if you return to live permanently in Peru. Following the Bossi-Fini law however is no longer possible to ask for the refund of contributions payed. It is not even possible to add the contributions payed in Italy with those eventually payed in Peru. When you are sixty-sixth year, hold however, you can request the pension in Italy, even if you have not completed the minimum contribution period.

Efiubò is a radio program that answers to the questions and concerns of migrants living in Italy. It will be released every two weeks from today, February 15. If you also have any questions, please write to efiubo@gmail.com

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