Efiubò, the radio program about legal questions for immigrants

Who can I contact if I am attacked? Can I travel to other European countries? Where can I apply for residenza? If I do not have a permesso di soggiorno can I enroll my child in school? Do I have the right to the tessera sanitaria for the healthcare system? From February 15 on Amisnet opens Efiubò, a radio program that try to give an answer to the daily difficulties of immigrants in Italy. Right of residence, protection against discrimination, rights to health and work.

Every fifteen days the experts from the Italian Association for Legal Studies on Immigration (ASGI) will be confronted with doubts and questions gathered by radio agency Amisnet together with refugees and asylum seekers of Laboratorio 53. Efiu gbo – a word that in Togo indicates “the king’s house,” the place where you solve the problems of a community – is a space open to radio listeners and anyone who wants to submit questions or report violations.

From February 15 Efiubò will be broadcast on FM on the radio frequencies of Udine, Rome, Milan, Bologna and other Italian cities. In addition, each week the episodes of Efiubò are available in podcast format on the website of Amisnet and ASGI, with summary in French and English.

If you have questions please write to efiubo@gmail.com or leave a comment on the site www.amisnet.org


Efiubò is a project realized with the contribution of otto per mille della Tavola Valdese