Filippine: raid contro stazione radio

Il 23 novembre scorso alcuni uomini mascherati e armati di mitragliatore M16 hanno fatto irruzione a Radio Natin, una emittente indipendente si Lupon, paese a circa 120 da Davao (Filippine del Sud). Gli uomini hanno picchiato un redattore dopo che aveva rifiutato di rivelare informazioni personali sul direttaore della radio e un conduttore.
A cura di Comunicato stampa

On 26 November, the Manila-based “Philippine Daily Inquirer” newspaper reported that according to station employee Jun Castro, the suspects were all armed with M-16 rifles and wore ski masks.

Castro told police that as soon as they arrived, the suspects aimed their guns at him while asking for Romeo Bote, Jr., the franchise owner of the station, and anchor Marlo Lim Roman. Castro added that they took turns beating him up using the butts of their firearms when he refused to tell them where Bote and Roman were. The incident took place at approximately 9:45 p.m. (local time).

Bote, who is also the provincial chair of Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (Association of Broadcasters of the Philippines), told CMFR the attack may have been politically motivated.

“It is politically motivated. Obviously, there are politicians who were irked by our hard-hitting comments,” Bote said. He declined to name the politicians behind the attack.

Bote added that the incident might also be connected with the fact that he is expecting to run as a councillor in the 2004 elections.

CMFR was not able to reach Roman for comment, but the “Philippine Daily Inquirer” reported that he had received threats a few days before the attack on the station.