Venezuela: materiale sottratto a radio comunitaria

La Perijanera 95.1 FM, stazione radio comunitaria della citta’ di Machiques, stato del Zulia (nord-ovest del Paese) e’ spenta dal 4 luglio scorso, quando un gruppo di persone armate ha sottratto all’emittente il trasmettitore ed altri importanti equipaggiamenti. I danni sono superiori ai 18,000 $ (inglese)
A cura di Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (IPYS) According to Edy Lugo, secretary of the Perijanera Community Foundation, this is the second time the station has been robbed in the four years it has been operating. The stolen equipment is valued at more than US$18,000.
Accompanied by a number of the station’s supporters, Lugo publicly assigned blame for the robbery to individuals in the cattle industry and others linked to the Machiques mayor and the opposition party Acción Democrática.

According to Lugo, in the last four years the station has come under attack repeatedly. Station employees have been threatened, radio programme producers and guests have been physically assaulted, the station’s transmission signal has been interrupted and local businessmen have been pressured to not advertise on the station.

Lugo said a complaint had been filed with the 20th Division of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and called for a prompt investigation so that those responsible for the robbery are identified.